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a new play by Rob Bell
directed by Kristin Hanggi

Why is this woman named Viva applying for a job at this company? She doesn’t even know what they do here! And Todd and Connie from Human Resources-why do they keep asking her questions when her answers are so terrible they both know she’s never going to get the job? And why is Claude Horst still working there? And what exactly does Kosa think she’s doing with her tool box?

WE’LL GET BACK TO YOU begins with questions that lead to more questions that lead to larger questions about this disruptive presence at the heart of it all who gradually begins to reveal: WHAT HAPPENS WHEN PEOPLE OWN EVERY SQUARE INCH OF THEIR LIVES.

Crooked Path Theatre Company and Mirrorbox Theatre present a World Premiere by Rob Bell, a NYT Bestselling author, and Time 100 honoree. Kristin Hanggi, Tony-nominee for Broadway's Rock of Ages, directs.

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Catch the latest episodes of Cedar Rapids' longest (and only) homegrown comic soap opera, each episode made up on the spot! This season is directed by Sarah Michels and features: Jacob Hansen, Tammy Haynes, Bethany Jackson, Cael Joens, & Joshua Rouse.

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Reader's Theatre presentations featuring talented artists from the 60+ community.

More info coming soon re: upcoming performances

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Introducing an exciting new partnership with Improv Incubator. Mirrorbox will host a monthly showcase/jam session; improv classes developed and led by the Improv Incubator team; a quarterly show featuring their most experienced teachers and teams, and more.

Register now for the Intro to Improv Class, Tuesday nights starting Jan. 9.

Unleash your spontaneity in our Intro to Improv class—where laughter meets learning. Boost confidence, quick thinking, and teamwork in a fun, supportive environment.

Intro to Improv classes are 6 weeks long from January 9 through February 13 from 6:30-8:30pm. You'll learn the rules of improv along with fundamental principles. You'll walk away with skills to build strong characters and create interesting scenes without a script. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to embrace the unexpected and let your imagination come through. (Age 18+)

Instructor: Anthony Jensen