With a ho-ho-ho, and a yippee-ki-yay mother@#$er!

One of the greatest debates of our age will be settled once and for all in Mirrorbox Theatre’s 2nd annual Holiday Fiasco, because DIE HARD …is a Christmas movie. In this world premiere parody musical, gruff cop John McClane leaves the friendly confines of NYC on Christmas Eve, only to be confronted by the three things that make him angriest: German terrorists, Los Angeles, and female empowerment.

This loving homage to everyone’s favorite holiday shoot-‘em-up features new twists on iconic dialogue, as well as songs in the style of classic Christmas tunes like “Let It Snow,” “Little Drummer Boy,” and Ludacris’ “Area Codes.” It is a show that must be seen to be believed! Definitely not kid-friendly! Leave your shoes at home!

Written & Directed by Cavan Hallman

Tickets from $20 (plus fees)
December 7-17 | Thursday - Sunday
1200 Ellis Blvd. NW  |  Cedar Rapids

John McCLane...Aaron Brewer
Hans Gruber... Adam Burnham
Sergeant Powell... Jason Alberty
Jimothy/Argyle... Logan Pratt
Holly McClane... Katie Hallman
Ellis and others... Wedge Stevens
Theo... Jeremy Mims
Paulina and others... Meg Paulson
Karl... Cassandra Laas
Robinson and others... Richard Pratt
Takagi and others... Cavan Hallman
Thornburg and others... Sarah Michels