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Tickets: $10

Box Office:

(319) 200-1269

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These Gilded Souls is the first installment in Mirrorbox Theatre's revival of the OUT THE BOX series.

A new, haunted adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. In the ruins of a Gold Coast mansion, queer Midwesterner Nick Carraway revisits his once-gilded Jazz-age memories and confronts the ghosts of his past.

All Tickets $10 (plus fees)
March 31 – April 1 I Friday – Saturday
1200 Ellis Blvd NW I Cedar Rapids

Nick Carraway – David Tominsky
Daisy Buchanan – Catherine Blades
Jordan Baker – Lauren Galliart
Tom Buchanan – Rob Merritt
Jay Gatsby – Nick Hayes
Owl Eyes – Kathleen Weiss
Track 1/Myrtle/Guest – Hannah Green
Track 2/Catherine/Ella Kaye/Party Guest – Madalyn Lovejoy
Track 3/Chester McKee/Young Gatsby/Party Guest – Calvin Boman
Track 4/George Wilson/Party Guest – Phil Jordan
Track 5/Meyer Wolfsheim/Dan Cody Slagle/Klipspringer/Gatz/Party Guest – Randy Borngraeber
Stage Directions – Colleen Holmes

Production Team
Playwright – Aly Kantor
Director – Cavan Hallman

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