Mirrorbox Theatre is working at the cutting-edge of contemporary theatre, using new plays to amplify new voices. Caleb Rainey made his acting debut in Mirrorbox Theatre’s very first play, Exit Strategy. He told The Gazette this was, “different than many of the plays I've seen, setting-wise, let alone what they were talking about, what they were tackling. As a performer, it gives me this hope - and this openness of thinking there is more for us. There is more space for us as Black performers than what we sometimes think there is. I think it's really huge for Mirrorbox to be finding plays that asks for those voices, asks for characters that are outside the normal realm.”

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Every play is an opportunity to stage the world – you can create the world as you see it, or you can create the world you want to see. That’s why we are the local leader in presenting art that amplifies the voices of BIPOC artists, women, LGBTQ artists, and individuals from historically marginalized communities. We want to see a diverse and inclusive Cedar Rapids that embraces new ideas, new voices, and new art. We have been making a meaningful impact on artists and audiences for four years. Now it is time for Mirrorbox to help transform one of our city’s most historic neighborhoods by building a new home for new plays, realizing the vision we have for our city and our region.

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The Time Check neighborhood is poised for rapid revitalization, with major investments underway from the city, not-for-profits, and private developers. What’s missing is an arts center that enriches the lives of the residents and also attracts visitors to a vibrant and culturally rich destination. Cedar Rapids has seen this successfully modeled, when CSPS Hall served as a catalyst for long-term cultural and economic development in NewBo. Mirrorbox Theatre has the national recognition and the local engagement to be this type of transformative presence in Time Check.

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Mirrorbox Theatre will establish a permanent facility, serving as the arts and culture hub of Cedar Rapids’ revitalized Time Check neighborhood. In order to accomplish this, we must raise $103,000 by February 1st, 2022. For some Cedar Rapids performing arts organizations, $100,000 might produce a single show. Today, $100,000 builds a transformative destination that will serve our region for years to come. Americans for the Arts have long published the per person impact arts attendees have on local economies, estimated today at $31.47 beyond the price of admission. Mirrorbox’s home at 1200 Ellis Blvd. NW will enable continued patron growth, and this growth will fuel direct economic impact for the neighborhood and city, projected to top $1,000,000 by 2030.

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"It is rare to have a broad coalition of entities working to revitalize an economically challenged neighborhood. Mirrorbox brings the artistic presence that has been missing and is desperately needed.”

-Clint Twedt-Ball, Executive Director, Mathew 25

Mirrorbox Theatre must act now before this highly desirable and cost-effective property in a rapidly redeveloping section of Cedar Rapids is no longer available. In addition to tax-deduction incentives, donor recognition (from name plaques to donor listings to potential naming rights) will be celebrated.

We’ve garnered the enthusiastic support of area not-for-profits Mathew 25 and the Northwest Neighbors Neighborhood Association.

We have received generous donations from Linn County's Legacy and Cultural Attraction Fund, as well as individual donors who see the value of bolstering our local economy while making an indelible mark on the regional and national arts and culture landscape.

Now we need your investment to build a new home for new plays.

Print out the pledge card below and mail to Mirrorbox Theatre, make a donation directly via PayPal, or contact us at [email protected] for assistance.


If you would like to donate by mail, checks should be sent to:

Mirrorbox Theatre
1200 Ellis Blvd. NW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52405

Or use the info below to donate via PayPal (no account required).

By check or by PayPal, please note "Capital Campaign" in the memo line.