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Tickets: $5

Box Office:

(319) 200-1269

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In the The Karaoke Show – Junior Edition, audiences of all ages are invited to watch original stories and karaoke songs by performers ages 11-14. Tickets are just $5, and that includes the cost of a pre-show writing workshop.

Part One: Workshop! Thirty minutes before showtime, participants ages 11-14 create their own original story or monologue under the guidance of a writing teacher/expert.

Part Two: Showtime! Participants ages 11-14 tell their brand-new story and sing a karaoke song of their choice – and the crowd goes wild!

Part Three: Open Karaoke! After all workshop attendees are done, anyone can sign up until the show wraps.

The whole event, from workshop until the end, lasts two hours. Snacks and drinks (for both the over-21 and the under-21 crowds) will be available at the Mirrorbox bar.

Spend some Saturday mornings with us this summer!

Screen Shot 2023-01-17 at 3.41.19 PM