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The Way We Say Goodbye is a collage of the many ways we bid farewell to people, places, and things. Featuring monologues from fourteen loosely connected female characters (plus one man) we see how individuals from all walks of life say “goodbye.” Some are saying goodbye to loved ones who have died, while others are saying goodbye to relationships that have ended. Some are saying goodbye to jobs, homes, or countries, while others are saying goodbye to childhood dreams or past selves.

These stories illuminate the resilience of the human spirit and how the strength found in saying goodbye can become an opportunity to grow and embrace the future.

All Tickets $10 (plus fees)
June 15-18  | Thursday - Saturday 7:30 pm | Sunday 2:30 pm
1200 Ellis Blvd. NW  |  Cedar Rapids | (319) 200-1269

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-strong language
-adult humor and content
-mention of fat phobia
-depictions of death and dying including animal death
-depiction of alcohol use

Cast and Creative Team

Cherryl Moon Thomason - Director
Denise Allamand - Stage Manager
Susie Streit
Barb Arceneaux
Jane Pini
Traci Rezabek
Kathleen Weiss
Jon Day