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Tickets: $10

Box Office:

(319) 200-1269

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Lox and Loaded is the second installment in Mirrorbox Theatre’s GOLD Program, Cedar Rapids’ only reading series starring senior members of the local theatre community. 


For the past 50 years, Bernie Bloomberg and Sol Rabinowicz have run the hardware store in New York that Sol's father had bequethed to them. Bernie has accrued huge gambling debts and is being leaned on heavily by some very scary thugs. Sol convinces Bernie that he could talk the bookie into cutting Bernie some slack. Sol makes such a mess of things that the guys end up in the witness protection program, in rural Texas. Comedy.


Tickets are $10.


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"Lox and Loaded" features beloved local performers Rick Titus, Steve Weiss, and Kathleen Weiss, and is directed by J. David Carey.

The evening will start with a hilarious monologue, "Burgers" featuring regular Mirrorbox collaborator, Jon Day ("Drive").

Screen Shot 2023-01-17 at 3.41.19 PM