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By Deborah Yarchun

A community of truckers in a small town in Iowa are forced to shift gears when they lose their jobs to self-driving vehicles. When Gloria becomes the only trucker in town still employed, resentments begin to surface. Tensions escalate as they grapple with a mystery: Haygen, a driver with close ties to all of them, has disappeared. Set in a future not far down the road, DRIVE explores our collective fears surrounding the next stage of automation and what happens when individuals in a country where we’re so defined by our work are forced to reevaluate what drives them.

This award-winning play (Neukom Institute for Literary Arts) receives its first-ever production in the intimate and raw setting of Mirrorbox Theatre, under the direction of the company's founder and Producing Artistic Director, Cavan Hallman.

"Truck drivers make up the largest workforce in the United States and in Iowa, and of course Cedar Rapids is a major hub of the trucking industry. Drive investigates a very real near-future - how will we deal as a society with a massive workforce displacement? How will we deal with it as individuals? Drive tackles big questions while managing to paint a moving canvas full of incredibly human characters." - Cavan Hallman

Rehearsals: October 3 – November 2

Shows: November 3 - 20, 12 Performances, Thurs. - Sat. evenings @ 7:30 pm, Sunday matinees @ 2:30 pm


Ainsley, 15. Gloria and Arthur’s daughter. Full of boldness, reserve, and curiosity. Female. Biracial. ***Please Note*** Any performers under the age of 18 will require the consent of a parent or guardian to participate.

Gloria, 38. One of the world’s last truck drivers, on the road to realizing her full power. Female. Black.

Arthur, 43. Gloria’s husband. A former truck driver, working to regain his ground. Male. White.

Jo, 37. The local bartender/manager of the Drive Bar. Kind, driven. Female. Jo can be any race.

Arlene, 55. A former truck driver. Plays guitar. Female. White.

Cliff, 55. Arlene’s husband, a former truck driver on edge. Relapsing alcoholic. Male. White.

 Rehearsals are generally between 6-10PM on weeknights, with longer rehearsals on the weekends. All rehearsals and performances will take place at Mirrorbox Theatre (1200 Ellis Blvd. NW, Cedar Rapids). All team members will receive honoraria.

Originally Conceived and Created by
The Museum of Human Achievement + Terror Pigeon + Megan Tabaque

The 90's are cool again. Gotham's biggest titan of industry is impossibly corrupt (and possibly an ogre). His assistant wants to turn him into a scratching post. And a strange bird-man is trying to move from underground to the Mayor's mansion. A certain Caped Crusader will he have to use every gadget in his tool belt, plus belt out a song or two, to save his fair city.

The holiday spectacle BATMAN RETURNS RETURNS makes its Iowa premiere in a limited run this December. Will there be celebrity guest appearances? Maybe. Will there be shameless song parodies? Yes. Will there be mayhem. Absolutely!

"My family and I love to watch non-Christmas-Christmas-movies, because the holidays aren't just for love and togetherness - there's also plenty of room for anarchy." - Producing Artistic Director Cavan Hallman

"So you know, it's festive." - Oregon Public Broadcasting

Rehearsals: December 5 - 13

Shows: December 14 - 18, 5 Performances, Wed. - Sat. evenings @ 7:30 pm, Sunday matinee @ 2:30 pm. Based on demand, performances may be added on 12/17 @ 2:30 pm, and 12/18 @ 7:30 pm


Batman/Bruce Wayne. Badass. Brooding AF. Any gender. Any age. Any race. Any ability.

Catwoman/Selina Kyle. Badass. Actually thinks they’re a cat. Any gender. Any age. Any race. Any ability.

Penguin/Oswald Cobblepot. Delights in being “bad,” but maybe just wants to be loved. Is a Penguin. Male. Any age. Any race. Any ability.

Alfred. Noble, and probably too classy for all these shenanigans. Male. Any age. Any race. Any ability.

Paperboy. Gotta sell those papes! Any gender. Any age (with a youthful vibe). Any race. Any ability.

Max Shrek. Industrialist. Ogre. Male. Any age. Any race. Any ability.

Rotating Ensemble to play:

Penguin 1/ Cat 1/ Goon 1               

Penguin 2/Cat 2 / Goon 2               

Penguin 3/ Cat 3/ Goon 3               

Commissioner Gordon                     

The Mayor

Ice Princess

Rehearsals are generally between 6-10PM on weeknights, with longer rehearsals on the weekends. For this project some individual rehearsals may take place during the day pending cast members’ availability. All rehearsals and performances will take place at Mirrorbox Theatre (1200 Ellis Blvd. NW, Cedar Rapids). All team members will receive honoraria.

To submit for DRIVE and/or Batman Returns Returns, we ask that you please submit the form at the bottom of this page. Auditioners will self-tape one side (provided below) to be considered for DRIVE; and one verse and chorus of an a cappella pop song for Batman Returns Returns. Please include both in one video if you are auditioning for both pieces. A link to the audition video must be included with your completed submission form. ***Please Note*** Sides are not available for all characters, so please choose the one that best suits you.

Deadline extended to September 11 at 11:59 pm. Questions:

Mirrorbox Theatre reserves the right to complete casting through any means necessary, including but not limited to, making direct offers to performers and holding additional auditions.

Please send video link (do not send video files), along with desired roles (if any), conflicts during the shows you wish to be considered for, along with a list of the last three shows performed.

Please send to mirrorboxtheatre(at)gmail(dot)com