"Out the Box" is a new reading series of fresh contemporary plays, streamed live and to a limited audience. Presented by Mirrorbox Theatre.

Only the first 100 people to register will get to watch each live (streamed) reading. The performances will not be broadcast on social media, or recorded for later viewing -- you have to be there if you want to see something new.



by Sharon E. Cooper

With Hurricane Sandy looming, two sets of siblings, friends since childhood, struggle to keep up with the secrets that are unraveling before their eyes.

Friday, April 3rd
8 pm (Central)

Attendance is free, but prior registration is required.

Register here:


Previous Events

Ghost Light

by Cavan Hallman

Friday, March 20


Director: Aaron Murphy
Actress: Jo Jordan
Actor: Mike Spara
Stevenson: Matthew James
Bridget: Lauren Galliart

The Canopic Jar of My Sins

by Justin Maxwell

Friday, March 27


Ralph Wiley: Angie Toomsen
Angel of Canopic Jars: Diviin Huff
Gooney Revenant/Last Easter Islander: Britny Horton
Roger Waters/Robert Oppenheimer: Dennis Barnett
Stage Directions: Angelica Fink